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Robotic CO2 blast cleaning with CRYOCLEAN® snow exhibited at Mach 2014

BOC has partnered up with YASKAWA and Delta Process Systems Ltd offering a robotic solution for surface cleaning

C02 blast cleaning has been established as a traditional method for industrial cleaning in a range of sectors. In addition to blast cleaning with dry ice pellets, BOC are looking to offer a fully automated alternative with dry ice snow, CRYOCLEAN® snow. This blast system produces C02 snow particles directly on demand from a liquid C02 supply, which is shot immediately onto the surface with compressed air. This system is designed as a non abrasive but powerful cleaning process and a layer thickness up to approximately 1mm.

Recommended applications:

  • Surface pre-treatment for lacquering, coating, bonding, etc.
  • Surface cleaning before and after welding.
  • Mould cleaning in various production processes.
  • Surface cleaning in the electronic and semiconductor industry.

The benefits of CRYOCLEAN®:

  • Overall cost to the business is reduced due to productivity and process improvements.
  • The cleaned surfaces are of high quality.
  • As the C02 snow sublimates directly after use, no cleaning residues are left.
  • The safety of the workplace is enhanced as no harmful solvents are used.
  • Large areas can be cleaned quickly in a short time.

Visit us at the Mach 2014 exhibition

For more information, please visit the BOC stand no 5685a at the Mach 2014 exhibition at the NEC. This exhibition is held in Hall 5 from 7 to 11 September 2014. Alternatively please contact us via email or call us on 01295 272755.

For further information about the CRYOCLEAN® snow blasting process visit this link >>>